We’re Engaged!

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AKA…“The best day of my life!” On Saturday, December 17th Chad & I took the train from Trenton, NJ up to NYC for the night so I could see the city decorated for the holidays! It was a trip I have probably asked Chad to do for the past 3 years (Chad isn’t the biggest fan of NYC….mainly because of all the crowds). This year, I decided WE had to go & I even scored a cheap hotel stay on Priceline.com at the Hilton Millennium in the Financial District. Chad said OK as long as I put together a intinerary (he loves plans) for that trip which I never did 🙂 My goals of the trip were to get Chad to go ice skating, see the BIG Christmas tree, go to Macy’s, see the 9-11 memorial & walk through Central Park! We accomplished 3 out of 5! Not bad….

We spent the afternoon going to Rockerfella Plaza to see the Tree, quickly walking into Michael Kors store (because I am obsessed) & walking throughout Central Park. Chad even treated me to a hot chocolate, hot dog & pretzel (what a gentleman). Oh yea, and Chad somehow got hog dog condiments all down his nice peacoat. After a couple of hours, we were over it & wanted to head back to the hotel to rest and get ready before meeting my friends for “holiday cocktails” at the Waldorf Astoria hotel. I would like to thank my iPhone (& Geni’s directions) for successfully getting Chad & I back to the hotel via the subway (maps subway app).

We had plans to meet up with my friends Joey & Geni at 6pm. Joey’s email earlier in the week said, “YESSS! let’s plan for 6pm on saturday at waldorf. we can all dress up, take pics having cocktails and then drunk skating later in the night! :)” I had called Geni an hour before leaving the hotel to see if she wanted to share a cab to the hotel since she lived 5 blocks away (little did i know she was apart of operation proposal)…..Geni told me she had a last minute conference call about some athlete & social media (totally believable in the marketing world) so we were just going to meet her there.

Chad and I made our way downstairs to grab a cab (after Chad told me to not wear the weird dress I packed because it didn’t look like “me”..what does that mean anyways). There were no cabs nearby but we did catch a ride to the Waldorf Astoria by car service….best kind of transportation! VIP Style 🙂

We arrived at the Waldorf on-time & to my surprise Joey & his boyfriend-Jove were already there! After walking through the GORGEOUS lobby (decorated with flowers and christmas trees) we found them sitting at a center table at the Peacock Alley lounge. Joey immedientely grabbed me to go take photos (photo shoot) by the tree so we could “tweet” & Instagram them! We left the boys at the table 🙂

****This is when Chad would tell you he was like WTF, way to pick a table in the middle of the lounge/restaurant for everyone to see my upcoming proposal. Chad & Jove also had to be alone to give the ring over to the wait staff (uninsured ring at the time!)

Joey & I got back to the table 20 minutes later. We met some sweet southern friends in the lobby  who wanted us to take their photos too. Back at the table, the 4 of us ordered drinks promptly…..Champagne, Gingerbread & Girl Scout Martini’s and some kind of Jamison drink. The 4 of us were catching up on life, work, whatever for 15 minutes (i was wondering where Geni was at one point). At some point, Jove excused himself to go to the bathroom & shortly later Joey took a “pretend” phone call from his boss (my former boss) so he excused himself as well.

And then there were two 🙂 I am not sure what Chad and I were talking about but all of sudden I saw the waitress/waiter bring over a Creme Brûlée desert towards our table. I saw it out of the corner of my eye. #1, i love dessert! #2, I was starving! Then inches away from the table (as I am thinking…umm, idiot we did not order this), I saw this gorgeous sparkling diamond ring! I was beyond confused (thinking again wrong table) & looked to Chad on my right. Chad had the biggest smile on his face….and I think i may have said out loud, OMG, what are you doing (there might of been a curse word in there)?! I was shaking, still confused, anxious, nervous, all those feelings….Next thing I know, Chad is down on one knee with the ring in his hand.

“Stephanie, will you marry me?”

I said “YES” & sealed it with a kiss…still overwhelmed with nerves & my hand shaking. Everyone around us started clapping!! (why is everyone still looking at us!!) Joey, Jove & Geni (miss papparazzi captured our entire engagement on camera–thank you Pink Owl Photography) popped out to say surprise & congratulations! Chad got me! I honestly did not expect or know he was popping the question. I mean clearly, my nails were unpainted & disgusting! After calling our families to tell them the amazing news (lots of screaming & excitment), the 4 of us celebrated our engagement with a complimentary bottle of champagne from the Waldorf.

I could not be more excited to become Stephanie Minix & marry my best friend! XOXO Thank you everyone for all your well wishes & congratulations.

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