Kleinfeld Bridal

I was counting down the days until my Kleinfeld Bridal appointment ever since I made the appointment in early January. I was so excited to attend the Lazaro trunk show! (and happy I got an appointment….at first the online reservations said nothing was available) I love Lazaro & all of his gowns! I quickly received an email from Kleinfeld confirming my appointment & also providing me with a list of answers to most common questions asked. I quickly noticed that I was only permitted 5 guests (in addition to myself). That may seem like a fair # to the common person but not when it comes to my family. I am the eldest of 5 children, plus we are very close with our extended family. At thanksgiving, we usually have 30+ people at our table! We should of been Italian….not Irish, English & German. So problem #1 was selecting my 5 guests. Kleinfeld limits the # of guests due to the popular show on TLC, “Say Yes to the Dress!” On the show, you watch girls bring a whole entourage (exactly what I planned on doing) to their appointment.

Originally I had invited my sisters, brother, my mother, my father, my Aunt & her daughter, my cousin Danielle, my future mother-in-law & sister…..10 people! Luckily, a few people couldn’t make it! Chad’s mom and sister were unavailable & my brother who lived in Boston wasn’t sure if he was coming home that weekend. My sister Jessica also couldn’t make it since she was celebrating her birthday weekend down the shore (planned before I made the appointment). My cousin Danielle told me she still wanted to try to get in so I allowed her to take that risk 🙂 (being #6). Okay, perfect. My guests were confirmed: Mom, Dad, Sister, Aunt & 2 Cousins!

On the morning of my appointment my Sister met me at my apartment in Philly to drive to the suburbs to pick up my Mother. We made sure our hair looked perfect & make-up applied to be Kleinfeld/”Say yes to the dress” ready…..even though we weren’t going to be on the show! We picked up my Mom near I-95 so we didn’t waste an extra 30 minutes picking her up & getting back on the road. My mom surprised me with a greeting card & flowers (to hold during my appointment?!) for my big day. She’s the cutest!

We continued our drive to Hoboken, NJ to pick up my cousin Danielle at her place. We all planned to take the PATH from NJ into the city to save $ on parking & tolls. Danielle had a bottle of champagne waiting to pop open before leaving for Kleinfeld too. I love bubbly! My Dad, Aunt & Cousin were going to meet us in NYC.

My Sister & I at my Cousin's place in Hoboken

Once we arrived in NYC, we went straight to Kleinfeld to check in 🙂 We were about 25 minutes early (and the 2nd car was still on their way). The lady at reception told us a consultant could take us right away once we checked in, so we checked out & went to Elmo’s for a quick drink while we waited for our entire group to arrive. The girls ordered peach bellini’s but I declined (didn’t want to be tipsy for my appointment). I did take a sip & they were delishious.

Peach Bellini drinks at Elmo's in NYC

My Dad texted me to say they were parking so we settled our tab & walked back over to Kleinfleld to recheck-in! I was getting a little nervous 🙂 There was also a camera crew on-site filming “Say Yes to the Dress.” My bridal consultant, Judy, called my name & we were taken into the showroom to get started! Here we go! I quickly told Judy that I was here for Lazaro’s trunk show & that I was in love with all of his gowns. She was so happy to hear this & agreed with all the reasons why I love Lazaro (hard not to love). Judy told me that Lazaro was currently eating lunch but that she was going to grab him to meet me as soon as he finished (ahhh the excitement & nerves I was feeling). Judy took my Mom, Sister, Cousin & I into my dressing room to drop our coats & purses. I gave Judy & her intern the stapled book of magazine pages I had brought of ALL the gowns that I loved in some way….probably 20+ pages long!

***Let me mention this right now, Judy & the entire staff at Kleinfeld were the most professional & helpful staff I have ever met. I would highly recommend going to Kleinfeld to find your bridal gown! She cared about (and understood) my vision, my engagement story, my family….everything! I also met numerous managers throughout my appointment who were kind enough to introduce themselves & also help me throughout my decision process. Thank you Kleinfeld Bridal staff!

Judy took us back into the main showroom to look at all the Lazaro (& JLM Couture) gowns together….Now these were “breathtaking” gowns! My Aunt Lynne, Cousin Abby (came on her birthday!) & my Dad arrived as we started to pull gowns. I remember the smile my Aunt & Cousin had on their faces as they held onto my dream dress & said, “look, here she is!” (I had sent multiple emails prior my appointment of all the gowns I was anxious to try on! )

I pulled about 7-10 gowns to try on during my appointment. Judy put me in my dream dress first 🙂 While Judy & her intern helped me into the dress, my entire group was waiting in the main showroom on a couch waiting for the big reveal! They were anxiously waiting for me to come out in my first dress just like you watch on “Say Yes to the Dress!” I felt like a bride (a princess) in my dream dress! Luckily, I fit into the sample size that came straight off the runway! It fit almost perfectly! I probably had the biggest smile on my face as I walked towards my family to show them “my dress!” My family’s reaction was perfect! Lots of ohhhhhh, ahhhhhhs, “Stephanie it’s perfect!”……I was thrilled we were all on the same page (& if they didn’t love it….too bad!). I was so happy both my parents were there to see me in my dream dress! Lazaro quickly came over to meet the blushing bride-to-be (me) & I was beyond honored to meet him…let alone met him in my dream dress he created!  I guess I should also add in the fact I decided to wear a lime green Hanky Panky thong to my bridal appointment that you could clearly see thru my gown (embarrassing)!! Hanky Panky thongs are flattering & comfortable so whatever 🙂 I will now probably be remembered! Everyone got a good laugh about my “thong choice” throughout the bridal appointment.

I did not want to take “my” dress off but I was there for the Kleinfeld experience & I wanted to play dress up! Plus, my family deserved to see me in other options! I had so much fun trying on other JLM Couture dresses (Lazaro & Jim Hjelm)! I loved them all….any dress would of been perfect for my big day! I also tried on a Monique Lhuillier gown in my dressing room. It was very beautiful but did nothing for my body. Towards the end of my appointment, we found another gorgeous Lazaro gown that quickly became a contender. I didn’t think my “dream dress” had any competition but the new girl brought it. The dress was more modern & also fashion forward….I looked gorgeous! I think at one point, some of us were unsure which one they liked best. Now I kind of understand why girls decide to buy 2 or more dresses! I could never do that!

Monique Lhuillier gown I always wanted to try on!

We put my dream dress back on for a 2nd time & the decision was made…I said, “YES” to the dress! I also asked my dad, “Is this the dress you’re walking me down the aisle?” He said “Yes” too!  I asked my Mom if she loved the dress & she said something along the line of “your smile is so big & doesn’t stop when you’re in this dress”…aka YES! I could not be happier with my decision. I feel so blessed to be able to wear my dream dress on my big day (Thank you Mom & Dad!). I already miss my dress & can’t believe I won’t see it for another year!


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