My Wedding Wish List

“Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come.” 

I’m very attentive to details! I am a visionary & I thrive to be a perfectionist. Since I already mentioned I have been looking through endless amounts of bridal magazines for years, I always kind of knew what I wanted (or more importantly did not want) for my wedding. Below are some items on my wish list for a destination wedding:

Luggage tags for Bridal Shower gift, Welcome Bag insert or Wedding favor.
Welcome drinks for our guests
White Dance Floor! Gorgeous!
Lounge seating so everyone is on the dance floor or nearby!
Long tables for a cozy sit down dinner
Escort Cards
Sparklers & the Bride and Groom in the middle for photos!
A donkey! (not serious but how cute)
Guest Book idea I love!

Feel free to comment additional ideas you think we should do for our wedding!! XO


3 thoughts on “My Wedding Wish List

  1. What great ideas! The donkey is too cute! So many decisions,good luck on all of that! Im sure for the next year u will be sleeping,breathing ,eating n everything in between wedding plans. What ever u and Chad decide will be great! Best of luck on the planning!,luv u!! ❤

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