My Ladies

My Maid of Honors & Bridesmaids said “YES!” The girls loved their personalized wine bottles & how I asked them to be in my bridal party. I already apologized to them for the multiple emails and any future bridezilla moments. My sisters (Maid of Honors) have already received 40+ emails from me since my engagement!  (sorry, love you!) I guess I have a “get out of jail free” card to be kind of bitchy & a little crazy for the next year. I can blame it on wedding stress and plans. HA, just kidding 🙂 But feel free to host an intervention with me if I get out of control (aka..I demand to have that donkey at my wedding)!

So picking a bridal party for a destination wedding was honestly very difficult. Originally, Chad & I always discussed and agreed upon just having our siblings as our groomsmen & bridesmaids (equal on both sides). Chad has one sister & one brother…and I have two sisters & two brothers. It wasn’t until we got engaged that I thought about our “wedding photos” & completely changed my mind. A group sibling shot….kinda weird, right?! What I really wanted was additional members of my family to stand beside me on my special day. I wish I could of included additional bridesmaids but Chad cut me off….I already have plus 1! I guess I am saving everyone else from the additional costs, multiple emails & responsibilities 🙂

Meet my Bridal Party!

Maid of Honor-My Sister Jessica
Maid of Honor-My Sister Emmy
Bridesmaid-My Cousin Danielle
Bridesmaid-My Bestie & Sister-in-law Daiana
Bridesmaid-Chad's Sister & my future Sister-in-law Kaylyn
Bridesmaid-My Best Friend Katie (my 3rd Sister)

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