Stache Crawl 2012-Save the Date

This year’s annual Stache Crawl is scheduled for Saturday, August 11th (my birthday weekend). The Stache Crawl is an annual bar crawl held in Dewey Beach, DE that raises money for the KJP Foundation, in memory of Kellen Poultney. The thought of how much alcohol planned to be consumed by my friends makes me nauseous! But we have so much fun every year! The amount of people who support the annual charity event keeps growing year after year….I think we had over 400+ last year!

Stache Crawl 2011

Every year, the boys compete to have the best “mustache” & try to stay out until the bars close. The girls pretty much just try to look cute, keep up with the boys & attempt to wear some kind of fake mustache any way possible. I stopped into Urban Outfitters today & had to buy these cute Stache Straws ($12!) for this year’s event!

I’ve also seen a lot of stache-themed gifts throughout our wedding planning. We may have to register for some cute “stache & lip” mugs or wine glasses! Aren’t these adorable….

I have also seen save-the-dates & wedding invites! Too much…

If you are interested in joining us at Stache Crawl this year, please search “Stache Crawl” on Facebook for more information! 


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