Let Me Eat Cake

One thing I will be forced not to be picky about will be our cake! Many hotels have already told us that we can’t bring an outside vendor for our cake & that they must make it themselves (limited creativity & options). I love dessert as many of you already know so I want to make sure our cake is yummy! My dream wedding cake would be an ice-cream cake (my favorite kind of birthday cake)! And my 2nd choice would be red velvet cupcakes! Below are some cakes/cupcake ideas I love!

Even though we are doing a destination wedding, I already told my fiancé I want to do a cake tasting with a local vendor for fun! I also really want to go to the event ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ in Philadelphia next month! Let Them Eat Cake is Philadelphia’s Wedding Cake Design competition for professionals, students and those who love to bake to create. Brides-to-be and fondant foodies will converge for the seventh annual competition featuring the best of the best on 4/2/12 at the Loews Hotel. Advanced tickets are $40. I went a couple years ago & loved it….who doesn’t like to eat cake?!


One thought on “Let Me Eat Cake

  1. I love cake!! Ice creamcake has always been my fav!! Enjoy ur tasting eat some for me !!! ❤

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