Margarita por favor!

We enjoyed mucho margaritas during our recent trip to Mexico. Since I’ve been so busy with work & haven’t been able to blog about our trip, I wanted to do a quick post about margaritas! I think my fiancé & I would both agree that one of our favorite moments in Cabo was checking into Esperanza. Upon arrival, we were greeted by our personal concierge who welcomed us & escorted us to our Villa. Our Villa was absolutely amazing….breathtaking (I’ll post photos soon)! Our concierge walked us through our room to make sure we were aware of all the amenities the resort offered. Within minutes, there was a knock at our door. We were greeted with a personalized card welcoming us to Esperanza, in addition to customized margaritas (made with agave honey)! The best margarita I have ever had (can we go back now?!)!! Cabo Azul, & Pueblo Pacifica also made some great margaritas. Hilton Cabo also offered a souvenir glass (holds two margaritas) that you could buy to receive discounted refills during your stay….we obviously did this!

Now here’s some history on Tequila….

According to the legend, the history of Tequila goes back centuries ago when natives from the state of Jalisco protected themselves in a cave from a huge thunderstorm. Suddenly, a thunderbolt dropped over some agave plants burning them for a few hours. When this was over, the smell was pleasant enough that enticed the natives to taste the cooked plant. Surprisingly they found it sweet & delicious! One day, the locals left the sweet juice from the agave for a couple days in an open clay pot. When they came back they discovered a new beverage with white-thick foam and intense smell. This beverage was known as teach-which is the fermented must of the agave plant. Tepache was consumed by hierarchy at important ceremonies and priests for religious purposes.

When the Spaniards arrived, Moztezuma II offered a dinner with this fermented beverage to Hernan Cortes (whomever they are….I never did well in History class throughout High School). Moreover, Spaniards decided to distill the beverage to substitute consumption of Spanish brandy, giving birth to Tequila (fiesta!)

Tequila is a spirit made in the state of Jalisco within the region known as Tequila town. It is produced from the distilled fermented juice of agave hearts. The only plant authorized to produce tequila is agave azul Tequilana Weber or blue agave. It can only be produced by the states of: Jalisco, Michoacan, Nayarit, Tamaulipas and Guanajuato.

No wonder tequila always tastes better in Mexico 🙂

Pretty photos of the margaritas we enjoyed in Cabo!

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