Wedding Scouting Trip: Part I

We made our way to Newark International Airport around 5:30am on a Friday morning! We decided to depart from EWR because United/Continental Airlines offered a direct flight for around $650/person roundtrip. I would say $650 is an average price to pay to fly to Cabo San Lucas from the Northeast in high season. Looking at my flight tracker today, you can expect you pay around $500 roundtrip to fly to Cabo from Newark or Philadelphia during April-June (most likely our wedding month next year). Great prices….I want to go back now! Vendor meetings?

We arrived in Cabo around 1:30pm local time. The weather was a little rude–pretty cloudy & I couldn’t feel my sunshine (only questionable day of our trip). Other than the clouds, the weather was perfect! No humidity & a warm breeze! Prior our departure, I arranged airport transfers with Victor’s car transportation service.  The roundtrip airport transfers cost us $160 total (reasonable & the price included beverages). I almost failed to mention that our transportation pickup was a white shiny suburban (all to ourselves)….ballin’!

**I must mention now that I lost my camera at Esperanza.  I am missing a lot of my favorite photos I took the first 2 days in Cabo 😦 I’m still annoyed about it! My fiancé & I took two amazing photos that we wanted to use on our save the dates and/or wedding website!

It took us around 40 minutes to get to our first hotel, Pueblo Pacifica (furthest point we stayed in Cabo San Lucas). The entrance to the all-inclusive resort was gorgeous! The hotel is situated on a 2.5-mile stretch of Cabo’s beach…with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. As soon as we dropped our bags in our hotel room (which said ‘welcome stephanei’ on the bed…spelled wrong & missing my fiancé’s name), we went down to the pool area to get some margaritas! We had some time to relax before meeting with their wedding coordinator. We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying our “all-inclusive” hotel by eating lunch & enjoying some cocktails!

Resturant, Pool Bar & Private Beach

I had to run to the bathroom before our 5pm meeting with Pueblo Bonito’s wedding coordinator (TMI?). My fiancé waited outside while I went into the lobby to find the closet restroom. So yea, I got locked in the bathroom! I can laugh about it now but honestly, I was in tears crying & beyond panicked. I was kicking & yelling for what felt like over 10 minutes (was my fiancé ever going to find me?). The door handle had broken off from the outside & I was just stuck inside a little bathroom stall. I desperately tried to use my secret muscles to open the very locked door. Finally, a maid heard my screams and/or banging & came to my rescue. I wanted to hug her! I quickly ran back to my fiancé…still not even relieved that I was freed! LOL. My fiancé immedientely saw that I was upset…he felt so bad. I think I scared the wedding planner because I was half upset/half angry too. Whatever…

So the tour begins….

Laura Ortiz, Group Coordinator at Pueblo Bonito Resorts, took us around to both Pacifica (all-inclusive adults only) & Sunset Beach (all-inclusive & family friendly) properties. Pacifica is a boutique hotel (155 rooms) with a more modern decor. Sunset Beach has 630 rooms & felt more like a resort (not what I prefer). Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with all the stupid details of our meeting. Once we got to Sunset Beach (free shuttle), we previewed additional wedding reception options & their on-site chapel. I wish I had my camera to show you all the amazing photos we took. All the photos we captured had the most amazing sunset in the background! I guess that’s how the resort got its name 🙂 Luckily, we have some photos that my fiancé took on his iPhone. So, the chapel was gorgeous! The chapel is located off a courtyard-which would also be a perfect location for a wedding cocktail hour. We also checked out their sky pool & sky pool terraces. We got there by mini-golf carts that can hold 6-8 adults (there are golf carts all throughout the resort with pick up & drop off locations). The sky pool terrace area was out of this world! Postcard perfection! I wish I saw the sunset below every night! You can see our hotel, Pueblo Pacifica, in the last photo below….more private on the beach.

My big concern for the sky terrace would be the logistics of food preparations & delivery for a wedding reception (wind also being a factor). Also, I’m not a big fan of all-inclusives. Pueblo Bonito Pacifica is around $500/couple a night (goes down a little with additional people per room). Pretty expensive but all your food & beverages are included. I also hate the feeling you’re obligated to drink & eat more when you choose an all-inclusive package. I like to party but not that much….and not for my wedding! So overall the tour went great & I was impressed with Pueblo Bonito resorts. I would definitely come back again.

Boo…I’m still sad about my camera’s disappearance. We lost a photo of us with the sunset as the background. Bummer!

We checked out of Pueblo Pacifica the next day. We spent the morning laying out, walking the beach & eating breakfast (plus mimosas) before leaving. Oh, and I saw a WHALE!!! Whale season in Cabo San Lucas is from December through March. I was so lucky I spotted one from the beach! That’s all I talked about leading up to our trip….wanting to get on a boat to find a whale in Cabo!

Day 2: Esperanza, here we come! (stay tuned for next post soon)


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