Take me out to the ballpark

Home Opening Day at Phillies

My fiancé took me on a date to the Phillies Home Opening Day! Luckily my fiancé’s friends weren’t unable to attend, so I got the lucky 2nd ticket! Unfortunately, the Phillies lost but I had a great time sitting in the sun for a couple hours. We left around the 7th inning to check out the new XFINITY Live! 

XFINITY Live! Philadelphia is the new dining and entertainment area located between Citizens Ballpark & Lincoln Financial. Inside, there are various dining and entertainment areas. The venues include: The Philly MarketPlace, Spectrum Grill, Broad Street Bullies Pub, PBR Bar and Grill, Victory Beer Hall and the NBC Sports Arena. There is also an outdoor area that features an Sony LED video board (to watch the games), the NBC Sports Field (an outdoor miniature artificial turf field) & additional seating. I can’t wait to hang out here all summer while my fiancé & his friends are sitting in the outfield (in 90 degree weather) watching the phillies! Who’s coming with me?

I’m sure XFINITY Live! will also be the new host to many bachelorette & bachelor party festivities this summer!


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