Wedding Scouting Trip: Part III

It doesn’t get better than Esperanza but I will recap the rest of our trip for you 🙂 I forgot to mention that we took a cab to Casa Dorado to preview the property & meet with their event coordinator before arriving at Esperanza. Casa Dorada is located in the heart of town…near the night-life, shops & bars. Casa Dorado seemed pretty fantastic for a vacation (not a wedding) with a group of friends. The hotel is located next to Mango’s Deck–a popular bar that was recommended by a friend to check out during our trip. There were lots of of people drinking & various water activities  (boats, jet skis, etc) taking place nearby. Although Casa Dorado would be a great hotel to stay at on vacation, my fiancé & I immediately vetoed it as a wedding location & left ASAP. We even cancelled our appointment with the event coordinator because we did not want to waste everyones time (especially ours). Plus, I wanted to get to Esperanza! After leaving Esperanza, we were off to Hilton Los Cabo for the night. We were greeted with frozen margaritas when we arrived at the Hilton (yes, HHonor Points!). Our room at the Hilton was great! I would highly recommend the Hilton over the Sheraton. After unpacking, my fiancé & I took a walk on the beach, checked out the hotel and got some margaritas at the pool bar. As you can see in the photos below, the beach was surprisingly big. Later in the day, we met with their event coordinator to discuss wedding reception options & preview additional room upgrades. Sadly I realized, the Hilton wasn’t going to offer me my dream wedding environment. The hotel was too big…with too many event spaces (numerous events taking place in the same day). I couldn’t envision a romantic & intimate wedding. I started to get cranky after our meeting…I was sunburnt, overwhelmed with wedding plans & exhausted! After taking a two hour nap (as my fiancé drank beers in the tub watching TV-LOL), we went out for dinner. After getting all dressed up for my man, we decided (or I asked) to do room-service instead 🙂 To our surprise, we even got a complimentary bottle of champagne & dessert with our order! Gracias Hilton!

our room
complimentary surprise dessert & champagne

The next morning, we went to the pool pretty early to get some sun before leaving for Cabo Azul (our last hotel stay). Overall, I would give the Hitlon a B+. I would definitely come back to the Hilton Cabo again…great rooms, food, & pricing!

Cabo Azul….

If you were to ask me about our Cabo wedding plans a few months ago (or even a month), I would of been showing you photos of Cabo Azul as my potential wedding venue. Cabo Azul was my top hotel choice before our trip to Cabo. Shortly before our trip, I started to hear a lot of bad recommendations about the wedding services at the resort (nightmare to work with, law suits & more). The most recent dissapointing news was that Cabo Azul charges outside vendors $1,000 to even come into their resort for a wedding (WTF). That means I would be charged an additional 1K if/when I hired a photographer, wedding planner & more!  Anyways….back to our experience at Cabo Azul! We arrived at Cabo Azul around noon. We were quickly told that our room was not going to be ready until 3 or 4pm (WTF). I thought they knew to expect us as a early check-in. After a little bit of complaining, we were finally checked into a hospitality suite until our room was ready. My fiancé & I quickly changed into our bathing suits, applied sunblock & went to the pool! Cabo Azul is beautiful! It’s a boutique hotel with a modern decor….very chic! Next time we come back to Cabo (non-wedding related), I am staying at Cabo Azul! My fiancé and I spent the rest of the afternoon laying out at the pool. The pool was pretty big for its hotel size….I love how I felt some kind of privacy laying out since everything is spaced out perfectly. We meet with Cabo Azul’s wedding coordinator around 5pm. I was so excited to preview the 3 bedroom & penthouse suites! Actually, while I went to check to see if our room was ready, I met an older gentleman from Australia who was checking into one of their penthouses. I forget his name but he invited me to go with him to preview the two penthouses that were available. Since I was eager to see the room, I tagged along! After the room tour, we finally got checked into our own room! Our room was fabulous! We stayed in the most standard room…which was anything but simple! We had a king-sized bed, large bathroom, living area, full kitchen & dining table! No complaints here 🙂

Tour of Cabo Azul…

My biggest attraction to Cabo Azul is their open-air chapel! It’s one of a kind…..gorgeous. It makes me so sad that Cabo Azul’s wedding planners & company does not understand event planning….let alone cares about each bride’s vision. Too bad….I really love their chapel!

Here comes the Bride

If we were to get married at Cabo Azul (not happening), Javier’s would be the host to our wedding reception. Javier’s is also very modern, chic & located right next to the beach.

cocktail party area
wedding bar, lounge area
Dance Floor

Overall, Cabo Azul is awesome! But unfortunately, I wouldn’t even consider this venue for our wedding due to their reputation. For dinner we went to Javier’s….eager to eat their mexican cuisine. Very good!!!! We even ran into the Australian gentlemen I met earlier in the day who was there dining with his daughter & son. After saying hello, he came back to our table 10 minutes later to discuss additional wedding venues he thought we should consider! So nice!

Entrance to Javier's
Our Entrees

Our last day…

I woke up early to get a massage at Cabo Azul’s spa before getting on a plane to head home. My neck was hurting from all the drinking & hotel bed hopping we did on our trip. The spa was very zen! I enjoyed cold cucumbers on my eyes until I was called in for my massage. The perfect way to end a great trip! One of these times, I am going to convince my fiancé to tag along! The massage service at Cabo Azul was top-notch….one of my top 5 massages in my life (and I get a lot of massages)!

Adios Amigos!

We were so sad to leave Mexico! We were picked up from Cabo Azul via car service at 11:45am for our 2pm flight home to Newark, NJ! Ahhh, I could live here forever! We had the most amazing time in Cabo San Lucas…I can’t wait to go back & get married here! Until next trip….XOXO

view on the way to the airport


2 thoughts on “Wedding Scouting Trip: Part III

  1. We are so glad that you had the chance to experience so many wonderful properties in Los Cabos. We are also happy that you did consider Cabo Azul Resort for your destinations wedding. Although you chose to tie the knot elsewhere, we hope that your wedding day is magical and leads to many years of happiness, trust, friendship, and love.


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