Groom Attire Ideas

I can’t wait to walk down the aisle to my future hubby!

I am equally obsessed with looking for groom & groomsmen attire, as I am for my bridesmaids dresses! Chad has given me permission to style the guys (best fiancé ever)! Since we are planning a destination wedding, I already vetoed black suits & tuxedos (way too formal). I’m also not a fan of vests & cummerbunds (such a weird word btw). And please don’t hate me for thinking that boutonnieres are silly & a waste of money. We aren’t going to prom! I might change my mind, but as of right now….why pin a flower on a perfectly good looking suit? If Chad wants a boutonniere, then he can have one 🙂

I love both tan linen & grey suits…jacket, pants & tie (simple but chic). Although I like tan, I think grey (light or dark) will be best since my bridal party will be in light tones. Plus, grey is more formal (and sexy)!

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