Talk about a headache & a half! I taught myself how to design a website on squarespace.com this week.  But now I’m obsessed! My friend over at Geekadelphia.com actually recommended Squarespace to me a few months ago. After searching for his email for the name/link he mentioned, I decided to give it a try since they offer a free trial. Squarespace gives you everything you need to design an amazing website (Domains. Hosting. Analytics. 24/7 Support included).

To my surprise, I found the whole web-designing process a lot of fun. The OCD in me could not commit to choosing a complimentary wedding website template….Therefore, I have had 2 options: beg my cousin for his help or teach myself how to do it!

I went for it!

Buying a website domain on namecheap.com was the easy part. After searching & choosing a simple (and unused) domain name, the rest of my time was spent structuring & adding content to our new wedding website. In the last 24 hours, I have already invested 4+ hours designing our site. It’s so much fun. I’d rather teach myself how to do something new then watch reruns of Real Housewives of OC! Seriously, when is Beverly Hills coming back on? #RHOBH

Wedding guests, stay tuned for the finished product. The website will be included on our Save the Dates!


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