Save The Dates Invitations

I had the best time designing our Save The Date invitations! I was inspired by an idea i saw on Pinterest a few months ago. With the help of my sister’s best friend, Jenna Cantagallo, I was able to create the perfect Save the Date invitations for Chad & I. Jenna offered to help design & letterpress our invitations. She was amazing & totally understood my vision. Jenna (aka Gia) began sending me a few PDF templates to review before ordering a customized letterpress plate. After playing around the font styles & sizes, we finally agreed on a favorite!

So I guess I should mention that my invitation idea is half professionally made & half DIY. Gia took care of ordering the paper & envelopes, creating the letterpress plate & letterpressing all our Save The Date invitations (THANK YOU). I was so excited to preview her completed work! I made multiple mailbox visits the day my package was scheduled to be delivered. Yes, I was totally stalking UPS. After battling lots of bubble tape & carefully cutting the plastic, I finally got to my invites.

The next steps were DIY (Do It Yourself). To save money, I figured finishing the invitation DIY would be more cost efficient (plus more personal). The next step was choosing the perfect photos to include on our invitations. I thought childhood photos, instead of recent engagement photos (which we still haven’t done), would be unique 🙂

I asked my mother & future mother-in-law for childhood photos of Chad & I between the ages of 2-7 years old. I had so much fun (& lots of laughs) going through both Chad & my childhood photos. I now have a handful of favorite photos of Chad as a little boy! Thank you Moms for allowing us to go through your albums & shoeboxes of photos.

We ultimately decided on two professional photos of ourselves at a pretty young age. Although Chad may be a year or two older in his picture, his photo was a clear winner….I love those suspenders! I used Replica in Philadelphia for their design + printing services. A graphic designer scanned our original photos & resized them to fit the invitation (5×7 card). We also hired Replica to print & cut our photos-2 x 1.5 inches per image.  To attach the photos to our letterpressed invitations, I used Glue Dots ($3.99/box). Each box has 200-300 clear adhesives, which bonds instantly to any surface. I bought mine at AC Moore but I’m sure you can find them online or at another craft store.

For a finishing touch, we tied a knot/bow around our invitation with grey & white bakers twine. I bought a full spool from Scrap Pantry on Including shipping, the twine cost under $15! Scrap Pantry put the twine in the mail via USPS which arrived only 2 working days later!! She even included samples of the pink twine I inquired about before ultimately deciding on grey. Very sweet!

I customized the envelopes with stamps I bought on & used a self-inking stamper for our return mailing address (bought on Once again, I hired Replica to address our envelopes via their printing services. I decided that Calligraphy was a little too expensive for Save The Dates. I am trying to save my pennies & dollars where I can 🙂 LOL

We are so happy with the finished product! Hope our family & friends enjoy the Save The Date invitation as much as we do! Countdown is on….less than a year away!


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