Florist 101

This is why brides hire wedding planners….so many questions you don’t even think of when dealing with vendors! If you decide to hire a professional florist for your wedding day, below are some questions to ask when choosing a vendor:

Is my wedding date available?
Will you personally be there on the day of my wedding?
Will you work my event alone, or do you have an assistant?
How many weddings do you service in one weekend?
Do you have a portfolio or blog website of your recent work that I can review?
Do you have any formal florist training or certifications?
Are references available?
How would you describe your “style” or design aesthetic?
What are your favorite flowers to work with?
Will you personally be arranging my florals?
Have you ever decorated at my venue before?
Have you handled events of my type and size before?
Is there a down payment to reserve your services?
When is balance due?
Is gratuity included in the price?
Are there any additional (hidden) fees I should be aware of?
Are you willing to coordinate with my other wedding vendors?
Can I review a sample contract?
Will you personally be making my sample bouquet?
Do you provide a tossing bouquet?
How many hours before my ceremony will my flowers be arranged?
When will my flowers arrive at my venue?
Is there a delivery fee?
How will they be transported and packaged upon arrival?
Do you provide any extra decor elements? (aisle runner, garland, candles, etc)
Do you design items for “double” use?
Will you take my arrangements at the end of my event?
How will I reach you on my wedding day?
When do you need my final table count for centerpieces?
Will you preserve my bridal bouquet after the wedding?
What are your refund/cancellation terms?

And make sure to ask which flowers will be in-season at the time of your wedding. It’s an easy way to save some major money on your budget 🙂 In Cabo, they have already told me that Peonies & Calla Lilies will need to be imported ($$$).


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