Call Me Maybe

“Call Me Maybe” was the theme song (although I don’t think we heard it at any point during our trip) at my best friend Maureen’s bachelorette trip in Las Vegas earlier this month! I blame our friend Katie for the hilarious idea & execution of a made up, no rules, kinda game. That’s Katie for you! Katie printed out labels (name tags) that said, “Hey, I just met you and this is crazy…Here’s my # 856-512-1612, Call Me Maybe?”….And actually printed them out 5 hours before leaving for the airport. LOL. Our airport story should be another blog post….Long story, short: our non-stop early morning flight, be there in time for the pool & get a tan plan, got cancelled 30 minutes after boarding the stupid plane. We finally arrived in Vegas around dinner time on Friday, without a tan.

This was my 1st trip to VEGAS for a Bachelorette Party! Our group stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in the all-suite HRH Tower. The rooms were amazing! I would definitely stay here again. The girls dined at Pink Taco for dinner on Friday night, but Katie & I missed it due to our airline issues (not happy with you USAirways).

Friday night we went to Marquee (all 20+ of us) & enjoyed bottle service at the pool-side cabana! We toasted the bride-to-be with complimentary bottles of champagne. I had so much fun. I would love to go back to Marquee again. Maybe the next time I’m out in Vegas…my bachelorette party?!

Our hotel room woke up around 9am on Saturday. I think its safe to say I may have gotten 3 hours of sleep. I don’t know how my body was functioning Saturday morning. But I got ready, had breakfast & mimosas at Pink Taco & went to Rehab with all the girls. I even rocked a grey L*Space monokini for the occasion. Monokini themed…ridiculousness! And we loved every second of it.

We stayed at Rehab until it closed. I ended up falling off my hotel bed, causing a melon sized bruise to appear on my a$$. Overall, I all had a blast in Vegas with the Bride-to-be, Maureen, and all of her friends from the East & West Coasts! It was such a great group of ladies. I honestly think we need a reunion for Maureen’s post honeymoon trip!

Until next time…..


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