Will You Be My Groomsman?

My fiancé has yet to ask his groomsmen & best man to be in our wedding party!! Oh, men. It’s been 7 months since our engagement & nothing! Let’s be honest, the groomsmen get a little overlooked. Even though they would never say so, I’m sure they would get a kick out of receiving a special note or a care package asking them to be in your wedding. Here are a few ideas I thought were cool! What do you think?

  • DIY “Will you be my Groomsman?” cards. I just found this amazing website, Wedding Chicks, that has a lot of cool items to buy & also gives you free templates to DIY! Check out these manly cards (you can also customize the colors)

  • Give your Groomsman the movie The Hangover with a card asking them to be your groomsman/best man!
  • “Will You Be My” beverage label DIY download-available for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen (WeddingChicks.com). Follow the instructions to make your own labels!
    1. Buy bottles – beer, wine, liquor, spiked lemonade or water…really, anything goes!
    2. Buy special labels (important…we tried it with normal labels and they quickly became discolored and shriveled)! We used these on weatherproof matte inkjet beer labels.
    3. Customize your cards/labels from Wedding Chicks: For The Bridesmaids Click Here. For The Groomsmen Click Here. To change your desired colors save image by right-clicking.
    4. Use label software or template available on the Online Labels website to create labels
    5. Import earlier customized image onto label using template or software.
    6. Use whatever font you want to put the name of the bridal party member on the top label (where the neck of the bottle is).
    7. Print final design on labels.
    8. Remove existing labels from bottles – you may need to soak in warm water first.
    9. Dry thoroughly.
    10. Attach customized labels avoiding air bubbles.
    11. Hand out and enjoy! *Tip: Buy extra labels in case you make mistakes!
  • Unique flask with a mini liquor bottle of your choice (keep the expenses down, you have a wedding to plan!) The Hair of the Dog on Etsy.com has a lot of cool options to choose from!

GOOD LUCK GROOMS! Maybe, I finally gave my fiancé some ideas 🙂


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