DIY Engagement Shoot

I love photography, but my fiancé hates the camera. I really wanted to book a professional engagement photo-shoot so I would have a few great classic photos of Chad & I. My vision was fun, casual & candid photos of us in both Philadelphia & Dewey Beach, DE (where we met). As we became more familiar with the costs of planning a wedding, we decided to do a photo-shoot on our own= DIY (Do It Yourself). In my research, I found that the cheapest “engagement” photography packages started around $250.

I know $250+ isn’t a lot of money compared to the other big expenses you are spending for your dream wedding…But it’s $250+ that could go towards something more important!

Luckily, my brother owns a nice Canon camera (somewhat professional in my eyes). I would love to own a camera like that one day! I think it runs between $600-$1,000 (good investment to capture all those new memories once you start a family). I asked to borrow his camera to take our engagement photos at the beach in Ocean City, NJ. I was open to whomever wanted to take our photo….if you wanted to do it, you were in! Since my brother had to leave the shore early, our family friends jumped on the opportunity to help & take our photos! Thank you Krystin, Courtney & Sam! Krystin also did my hair & make-up!

We walked down to the beach around 7:30pm once the sun was setting. We attempted to google & pinterest some “engagement photo” ideas but it was a lost cause….we just went for it!

What do you think of our DIY engagement shoot?!


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