Raise a Glass

I have no experience in the toasting department. As many of you know, I HATE public speaking! I get so nervous…my voice & body is taken over by nerves. I have a lot to say in my mind but for some reason I choke once I attempt to talk in front of a group of people…..strangers, colleagues, family, friends…you name it! So yes, I avoid work presentations as much as possible.

One of my favorite toasts I had to pleasure to listen to was at my friend Caitlin’s wedding a year ago. And also, one of my favorite weddings of all time. She had the most gorgeous wedding reception at the Union League in downtown Philadelphia. During the toasts, 3 girls in her bridal party each said their own toast to the bride & groom. Her sister & her best friends, from both childhood & college, all spoke from the heart about the bride-their best friend. I was brought to tears listening to each woman’s toast…each highlighting 3 important periods in the bride’s life.

I would love the same thing at my wedding 🙂 (is that vain? ha, whatever)

So here’s some advice I found for a toast (MOHs take note):

“For a toast to sound as if it just came to you in an affectionate flash, it will have to be prepared ahead of time. Know your message, how to open and how to close. A quote is always nice. Be cheery, to the point, short and sweet. Mean what you say. If a toast isn’t from the heart, it means nothing at all.”


  • A votre santé! “To your health,” in French
  • Viva l’amor! “Long live love,” in Italian
  • Hanya! “To good health,” in Arabic
  • Mazel tov! “Good luck or best wishes,” in Hebrew
  • L’chayim! “To life,” in Hebrew
  • Op je gezondheid! “To your health,” in Dutch
  • Ege’sze’ge’re! “To good health,” in Hungarian
  • Prost! “May it be good,” in German
  • Za vashe zdorovye! “To your health,” in Russian
  • Gee Shee-Eng Roo Yee! “Good Luck,” in Chinese
  • Stinygiasou! “To your health,” in Greek
  • Salud! “To good health,” in Spanish
  • Lechyd da! “To good health,” in Welsh

Links to some great tips on speeches:


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