Love Ophelia

Thank you Pinteret for introducing me to Love Ophelia,  a clothing brand of gorgeous delicates meant to inspire and make beautiful. With each purchase, Love Ophelia gives a portion of their sales toward a charity that moves them. What’s not to love? Seriously….

Love Ophelia sells Robes, Nighties, Rompers, Bralettes & Bloomers! I would LOVEEEEEE  to own their Bridal Romper or Nightie with matching Robe for my Wedding Day! It’s so romantic looking and I love its classic style!  There are a few more delicates I would like to order on their website, actually 🙂 I would totally buy Love Ophelia delicates for a bridal shower present, bridal & bridesmaid robes & just as a “why not” present to myself! Wouldn’t you????

TODAY, Love Ophelia is offering free shipping on all bridal party sets and goodies for the bride! Enter code SHIPWEDDING at checkout! Happy Shopping!


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