Last month, I was emailed a promotional discount of $50 OFF to use (for my birthday month)! I had signed up for back in June 2011 (and never used it). I think the concept is great! Instead of buying a dress for a special occasion, which will hurt your wallet anywhere from $100-$300+ (to wear once, maybe twice), you can rent one for a fraction of the cost. After receiving the email marketing flyer, I decided to log onto the website to explore my options for $50 (obviously trying to save the most amount of money!). I quickly remembered I had a wedding to attend in September at the Philadelphia Racquet Club (perfect opportunity to wear a new rented dress).

After exploring page after page of endless amount of dresses for all occassions, I quickly fell in love with this blue lace dress from Tibi. I went through the actions of “renting” the dress & checking out on the website . After shipping & insurance fees, the dress would only cost me $40 for a 4 day rental (after my $50 discount). The dress is currently available to purchase for $495.

I decided to rent the Tibi dress for my friend’s upcoming wedding. My “rental” was delivered on a Thursday (2 days before my requested rental date). The packaging was so cute! Inside, was a branded garment bag with two Tibi dresses & a pre-paid return envelope! Rent The Runway sends you 2 sizes to ensure the best opportunity to achieve a perfect fit.

Need an invite?? Here’s my referral link:

Here’s a photo of me & my rented dress! Thank you!


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