Travel Steamer, a must pack!

Through all my wedding research about destination weddings, I have learned that you must invest in buying & packing a travel steamer! It makes sense though, and I’m surprised I don’t own one already! All of the dresses I pack (including my wedding dress) will need to be steamed once we get to our hotel in Cabo San Lucas. I’m sure the men’s suits & bridesmaid dresses will also need some TLC-steam action after traveling.

Here are some steamers that you may want to consider!

1. Jiffy Esteam Travel Steamer (*Est $75). You may want to check out Amazon’s pricing HERE, too! Through my online research, it looks like it is ranked one of the best by consumers!

2. Rowenta Ulta Steambrush ($29.99 Amazon). Pros: Controlled release of steam, unit doesn’t get hot to the touch, doesn’t drip. Cons: Large size, small water tank & doesn’t product very hot steam


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