hanky panky

I love hanky panky! They are the MOST comfortable thongs I have ever worn. I got my first 2 pairs as a gift from my best friend Joey in NYC a few years ago. I tend to wear them on special days because they are so comfortable & sexy! I want more! I actually wore my lime green hanky panky thong the day I went dress shopping. What was I thinking? I guess comfort & wanting to feel sexy….clearly not thinking that hello, your lime green thong is going to pop through any bridal gown! oops! Well, at least its a moment I will never forget.

hanky panky of course offers bridal wear. I love their bridal, maid of honor & bridesmaid thongs! Perfect thank you gift to your girls & to yourself! hanky panky also sells a 8-day pack that would be perfect to take along on your honeymoon (~$160). I want it!

Happy Shopping! If you live in NYC, stop by hanky panky’s sample sale November 12-14th, 2012 at their new location in Chelsea (410 W. 16th Street). And if you do, buy me some hanky panky!


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