Margaritas + Photographs with Amy Bennett

My fiancé & I met up with our wedding photographer, Amy Bennett Photography, during our last site visit in Cabo San Lucas over the Thanksgiving holiday.


I was so excited we had the opportunity to met Amy before our big day. I knew she had a great personality from our phone conversations & email exchanges but being somewhat of a bridezilla, I wanted the chance to meet Amy in person before our wedding. I was quickly reassured that we hired the RIGHT photographer for our special day! Honestly, I had no doubts….but the opportunity to take photos, meet a new friend + sip cocktails wasn’t going to be passed up! We met Amy at 5pm (sunset)….only a few hours after our wedding food tasting. We had a quick 10-minute photo shoot with Amy before sitting down for margaritas & mango mijotos at Esperanza Resort. After a margarita…or three, I finally realized who Amy reminded me of….Jen Garner aka Jen Affleck! They could be sisters! Don’t you agree? So pretty!


 Thank you again to Amy Bennett for the fun photo-shoot. I can’t wait to have hours of photographs & videography from our wedding day! Check out how gorgeous the photos Amy took of us below! ahhh…!

S%26C+Esperanza_0045-2251852119-O S%26C+Esperanza_0037-2251844697-O S%26C+Esperanza_0019-2251826188-OI love him


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