Cold Feet?

Just to make sure my fiancé doesn’t get cold feet, I think I may gift him (and his groomsmen) with some socks. And I agree with Rob Kardashian, there aren’t many trendy sock designers out there! Rob Kardashian’s new sock line, Arthur George, is now available exclusively at Neiman Marcus (~$30). I love his pink argyle pair but I can’t afford to spend $30/pair (x6).


If you can’t afford or care to spend $30 on a pair of Arthur George socks, Happy Socks is another favorite of mine (and for half the price). Happy-Socks

There is actually a pair of Happy Socks that I tried to buy for my fiancé & groomsmen but no one seemed to have an extra 6 pairs laying around (see below….hot right?).


I’m still on a mission to find some cool pairs of socks for my future hubby & his men. I think a candid shot of the guys in their socks will be one of our favorite wedding photos.


For those of you thinking of how to gift a pair of socks to your groom, you can DIY or buy a label on Etsy!



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