Groomsmen’s Sneakers

Men’s dress shoes are probably just as uncomfortable as high heel’s are to ladies… That’s why my fiancé and I decided we wanted the men to wear a fashionable sneaker on our wedding day! Oh yes, another mission (“to-do item”) for the bride-to-be: to find the coolest all-black shoe that is affordable and/or on-sale.

I did all my searching online! My goal was to find an all-black Pumas, Adidas, Sperry, Converse or Nike sneaker. I fell in love with a lot of different styles! Who doesn’t love a great sneaker.

Sperry Top-Sider Original Boat Shoe $85
Sperry Top-Sider Original Boat Shoe $85
Chuck Taylor All Star $50 ($65 leather)
Chuck Taylor All Star $50 ($65 leather)

On you can design your own custom Chuck Taylor sneakers! I love this idea! The custom design will cost you $80/pair, but if you have a larger budget and your personality is more creative, this would be a the perfect sneaker for your wedding party! I created my own pair with my fiancé’s initials on the heel (photo below).

Customized Chuck Taylors $80
Customized Chuck Taylors $80

At the end of my search, we decided on an all-black leather Nike shoe for the guys. Luckily on, I found the pair we wanted to order on sale for under $50/pair!


But I think I am having buyers remorse today. I’m loving with the all-black Adidas sneakers. I plan on convincing my fiancé to return the NIKE sneaks & to order the ADIDAS style when he gets home tonight…. (there’s your warning if you’re reading this!! xoxo)

What’s your favorite shoe for a Groom & his Groomsmen??


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