Double Date at Kleinfeld Bridal

Yesterday was my 2nd fitting at Kleinfeld Bridal and my cousin, Danielle’s first bridal appointent! My cousin recently got engaged last month, and I’m happy to share that she asked me to be one of her Matron of Honors! I could not be more thrilled for my cousin, the next bride-to-be in our family, and beyond honored to be apart of her big day next year!

Image 4

We started the morning by meeting at Danielle’s place in Hoboken, NJ to toast the day with champagne before getting on the NJ PATH to travel into the city.

Image 1 Image

Before leaving, I had to ask my sister to put my hair into a “sock bun” to test another hair style for big day. I can’t believe I am getting married in 45 days!

Image 2

The trip to the city via PATH was quick and perfect for our group of 6 people. We got off at 23rd Street, so it was only a few blocks walk to Kleinfeld. If you are looking to save money on parking and tolls, I would highly recommend taking the PATH from Hoboken.

Image 6

My appointment was first at 12pm. My Aunt, my cousin Alison & Danielle’s son got lunch while my Mom, Sister and Danielle came with me to attend my 2nd fitting. Only my bridal party and my mom are allowed to see my dress pre-wedding! The Alternations department at Kleinfeld was pretty quiet for my 12pm appointment. It was so relaxing and refreshing to not have a noisy and crowded appointment. My first appointment was a little more stressful and overwhelming (TLC filming and weekend appointment).

Stella is such a joy to work with at Kleinfeld. I wish I could take her with me to Cabo San Lucas so she could put me into my dress at my wedding! She’s the sweetest. I can’t believe she’s been working at Kleinfeld for 31 years!

My dress fit perfectly, except for some minor alternations that need to be taken in more around my chest (boobs). It was fun to walk in my dress up and down the hallway. I was in full practice mode for my big day! Towards the end of my appointment, I started to get a little anxious/anxiety….I think the nerves of my wedding are starting to sink in finally!

Before leaving, Stella showed my Sister & Cousin how to properly bustle my dress. Wow, complex! It takes about 10 minutes….No drinking until my dress is bustled properly in Cabo (haha). My next appointment is in late April, a week before leaving for Cabo. OMG, time is flying…..I can’t even believe how quickly our wedding date is approaching.

Image 5After my 2nd fitting, Danielle had her first bridal appointment at 2pm. My Sister & Mom went to lunch while Danielle’s mom, son and our cousin Alison joined us for her appointment. Danielle has her eye on this one particular Spring 2013 dress that was not at Kleinfeld yesterday. It’s apart of a new collection that is currently on its “Trunk Show.” Danielle tried on only a few dresses before scheduling a new bridal appointment next month. Kleinfeld is bringing in the dress just for Danielle to try on!

I told Danielle to consider this first appointment as a “teaser” since it was a little quick and disappointing. However, she did try on a gorgeous gown that could still possibly be a winner!! Can’t say more!

Thank you Kleinfeld for the great day! See you next month, possibly 2X!


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