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I picked up my dress from Kleinfelds last Tuesday (4/30/13)! Time really does fly during the last few months before your wedding. I was lucky that my sister-in-law + my cousin were able to join me at Kleinfeld for my final fitting. I still needed help finding and choosing what jewelry accessories I plan to wear on my big day. With the help of the two of them, we finally picked out some jewelry winners!

Not even exaggerating….I’ve been looking at jewelry for over a year now. Picking earrings and a bracelet was a harder decision than my dress and veil!

Once my final fitting was finished, we had to wait two hours until my dress was ready to go home (steamed, stuffed + sealed in a garment bag). What to do? The 3 of us enjoyed a sushi lunch & then took a cab into the shopping district to exercise our credit cards.


I ended up buying this gorgeous dress (above) from bebe which I plan to wear on our sunset margarita cruise in cabo san lucas! I also bought a pair of Hanky Panky’s new collection, BARE. It’s the perfect nude delicate to wear with my bridal dress!


Afterwards, we went back to Kleinfeld to PICK UP MY WEDDING DRESS!! I couldn’t believe I was walking out of Kleinfeld with my wedding dress, let alone driving my dress home. I am so excited for my fiancé to see me in my dress! Its so soon!

2 days until Cabo San Lucas + 1 week until I’m a MRS! XOXO -Stephanie


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