My Wedding Cake

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I love dessert. I always have room to eat something sweet!  My first idea was to have an ice-cream cake, my all-time favorite kind of cake + dessert. Since we were getting married in 90-degree weather, I decided not to test how fast something frozen would melt away in the Los Cabo sun. Instead, I started to search endlessly for photos of cake designs that would best fit our personality and wedding decor. All the photos of cakes I loved were made with fondant icing. If you know anything about wedding cakes, fondant is a very popular icing used to decorate and sculpt designs…. But fondant is gross and ultimately, I wanted buttercream icing.

We decided to do a simple but beautiful wedding cake made with buttercream icing. The chef at our Esperanza designed and made our wedding cake; vanilla buttercream and cake, with a seasonal berry filling! We added a few peonies (also used in my bridal bouquet) to the cake, too.  It looked perfect!

The “M” cake topper was purchased at Michael’s craft store that we brought with us to Cabo. Flowers by Rene Larios/Cabo Floral. Photographs by Amy Bennett Photography.


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