Elements Studio {Videographer}


I must admit, I am one lucky bride! I ended up hiring the BEST vendors for our wedding in Cabo San Lucas back in May 2013. Through my wedding photographer, Amy Bennett, I was lucky enough to meet Seth Warren who shot & edited my wedding videography.


Seth is the man behind Element Studios. He is an award-winning outdoor adventure and lifestyle photographer and videographer. Check out his new website at Element-Studios.com. I know for a fact many couples never watch their wedding video, often or at all, after the wedding . I probably watch it at least once a month, if not more. Its actually one of my daughter’s favorite videos….she’s 18 months young.

Videography is just as important as photography, if not more important, when allocating your wedding budget funds.  Its the day you’ll remember forever!

Seth’s documentary style of filming is elegant and personal, and not unobtrusive. I honestly only remembering seeing him maybe 2x!

If you’re looking to hire someone with talent & a whole lot of passion, Seth is your guy!

Thank you again Seth for traveling to Cabo San Lucas to capture our special day!



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