How we met….9 years ago

My husband Chad and I met the summer of 2007 in Dewey Beach, DE. Chad is a Delaware beach boy & I have always been a Jersey Shore girl! I randomly moved to the Delaware beaches the summer of 2007 without really knowing anyone (& after learning that Delaware had a beach town). I wanted a change of scenery. Chad’s friend Cory Mayo had mentioned if I still wanted to do promotional work to contact his friend (Chad from NKS Distributors). Cory and I met one another in Acapulco, Mexico where we both lived that past March while we worked for I started working for Chad in May of 2007! Below is our 1st emails we exchanged!

From: stephanie hayden
Sent: Tue 5/8/2007 11:38 AM
To: Chad Minix
Subject: Alcohol promotions this summer in delaware/ referred by Cory M.
Hi Chad,
My friend Mayo (Cory) gave me your email address in regards to
possible alcohol promotions this summer in the dewey beach area. I am moving
down to Bethany Beach on Thursday for the summer and i am looking for PT or
FT promotional work. Currently,I am a Philly Coors Light girl but i have
also promoted various liquor Diego products as well. Attached is my resume
and some photos for consideration. I would love promote this summer
especially since i am new to the area.

Talk to you soon,

Hey stephanie,
The position I was talking to Mayo about is a part time promotions job in the Dewey Beach area with Red Peg Marketing. I have forwarded your resume and pictures to them and told them to contact you about the position. Let me know if they do not contact you by memorial day weekend. I work for Anheuser Busch and also need people to do promotions in the area every now and then. So i will also contact you about any promotions that you could work.  Cya in dewey!
Chad Minix
On-Premise Marketing Manager

NASCAR Dover, DE races…First time I met Chad!

I continued to randomly work for Chad throughout the summer. I was also a bartendar at one of the local golf courses in Bethanny Beach (Bear Trap Dunes). It wasn’t until the end of July when Chad and I actually hung out together. He was always telling me to come up to Dewey to hang out but I pretty much ignored him. Little did I know, Dewey was so much fun & I was missing out all summer. Chad scheduled me to work a promotion at Bottle & Cork in Dewey one Friday Night in July. I was selling shots & he was holding all the money I made (including my tips…why am i so trusting?!! After the 2 hour shift, he asked me to stay for a drink & hang out. Long story short, we kissed & been together ever since…..but our official anniversary date is October 13th (University of Delaware’s homecoming). Chad met my brother and sister at Homecoming & he introduced me as his girlfriend to all his friends!




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