The Perfect Wedding Planner

After planning my own wedding, I contemplated getting into the bridal business. However, I quickly vetoed that idea after I realized I would be working with bridezillas, and always working weekends. Instead, I have had the honor of consulting on a few destination weddings in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Its always a joy to relive my own planning process by helping others. All of the brides have found me from my blog + Style Me Pretty…..and, it’s such a compliment when they do (so keep it coming!).  Check out my wedding on Style Me Pretty, here!

Call me crazy, but I truly enjoy all the wedding planning and details that go into one’s big day. Yes, I guess I am one of those bridezillas (but I did everything myself so I beg to differ). So, what did I lack during my own planning? A wedding planner that complimented my planning. I wish Bloom’s Wedding Planner was available 5 years ago! It’s perfect for any couple planning their wedding. It’s one of my favorite gifts for the newly engaged bride or couple.

Another thing I love about Bloom’s Wedding Planner? It was designed by expert planners + brides themselves! Bloom planners are designed for everyone. They even specialize in daily planners from Middle Schoolers to Moms!

Some of my favorite features of Bloom’s Ultimate Wedding planner are the following sections:

  • “our visions,” a space to create your own vision board…. start clipping those photos you found in those wedding magazines!
  • “vendor planning,” where you can log all your contact information + notes. I love the detailed worksheets per vendor to help in the selection and planning per category!
  • “guest planning,” is a great space to help you plan your guest list, shower list, keep track of gifts received + thank you’s sent!
  • “the big day,” helps you stay stress-free with day of wedding day checklists and down to the minute planning tools to help everything go smoothly! (I would also highly recommend hiring a day of wedding coordinator if your venue doesn’t already provide one).
  • Storage pockets to provide ample space to store contracts, forms + more! You’ll be thankful for this feature, trust me!

You can purchase Bloom’s Wedding Planner on their website or on Amazon!


Newlywed Holiday Cards

It may be only September, but I already have our newlywed holiday card designed, saved & ready to be ordered from The “back” of our greeting card is just an example format (shown below), since we haven’t decided what message to include.

Use special coupon code “NEWMOMS15” for 15% OFF any Minted holiday purchase (expires Feb 1, 2014)…no, I am not an expecting mom. I just like to find a discount whenever possible!! also has great baby announcements (I have received a few from friends), wedding stationary + more.  Check them out!


Wedding Photography by Amy Bennett Photography.

Wedding took place at Esperanza in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 



I just entered ZICO’s #CheckMyOomph SWEEPSTAKES with the photo above from my wedding in Cabo San Lucas last month! I want to WIN* an Oomph-packed trip (surf, yoga, spa session from Equinox, parasail, cash, and more) to Los Angeles! Yes, please…

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Amy Bennett Photography Sneak Peek

I would recommend Amy Bennett over and over again for wedding photography. Amy’s talent, energy & passion for her work is seen in all her photographs.  I love her classic, chic, yet modern style of photography. While working with Amy, I felt like I was hanging out with my best friend. She respects your visions and wants, as she captures beautiful memories. Every bride should have the opportunity to work with Amy.
Below is a sneak peek of our wedding photography that Amy sent us a few days after our wedding! I can’t wait to go thru all of our photos! What’s your favorite photo so far?

Amy Bennett Photo_0002 Amy Bennett Photo_0002 Amy Bennett Photo_0004 Amy Bennett Photo_0005 Amy Bennett Photo_0010 Amy Bennett Photo_0013 Amy Bennett Photo_0014

Happy Shower Day


My mother & sisters threw me the most beautiful bridal shower a few weeks ago at Positano Coast in Old City, Philadelphia. The shower was a vision from my Pinterest board. All the details were perfect: red velvet cupcakes as favors (labels by, shower games, flower arrangements & photos of the bride and groom throughout the venue.
DSC_0570 DSC_0571My look was a dress from Club Monaco that I accessorized with a headwrap by Jennifer Behr. I had won the beautiful jewerly piece on our anniversary (October 17th) thru a twitter giveaway with Colin Cowie Weddings. I didn’t expect all the compliments that I received that day, but thank you! I guess I did look like a princess 🙂

Image 3

Throughout the shower, guests played “Pin the Stache on Chad.” I did not win, however the winner received a gift bag with spring nail polish colors inside.

Image 2

DSC_0553 DSC_0591

A brunch themed buffet was available throughout the entire shower. Everything looked so delicious!  The yogurt parfait & coconut ice-cream cones were my favorites! A full bar was also available, however mostly mimosas and bloody marys were served.




Image 1

Thank you to everyone who attended & showered me with love before my wedding day! And a special thank you to my amazing mother for planning & hosting the best bridal shower a bride could ever ask for…I love you! XOXO

Double Date at Kleinfeld Bridal

Yesterday was my 2nd fitting at Kleinfeld Bridal and my cousin, Danielle’s first bridal appointent! My cousin recently got engaged last month, and I’m happy to share that she asked me to be one of her Matron of Honors! I could not be more thrilled for my cousin, the next bride-to-be in our family, and beyond honored to be apart of her big day next year!

Image 4

We started the morning by meeting at Danielle’s place in Hoboken, NJ to toast the day with champagne before getting on the NJ PATH to travel into the city.

Image 1 Image

Before leaving, I had to ask my sister to put my hair into a “sock bun” to test another hair style for big day. I can’t believe I am getting married in 45 days!

Image 2

The trip to the city via PATH was quick and perfect for our group of 6 people. We got off at 23rd Street, so it was only a few blocks walk to Kleinfeld. If you are looking to save money on parking and tolls, I would highly recommend taking the PATH from Hoboken.

Image 6

My appointment was first at 12pm. My Aunt, my cousin Alison & Danielle’s son got lunch while my Mom, Sister and Danielle came with me to attend my 2nd fitting. Only my bridal party and my mom are allowed to see my dress pre-wedding! The Alternations department at Kleinfeld was pretty quiet for my 12pm appointment. It was so relaxing and refreshing to not have a noisy and crowded appointment. My first appointment was a little more stressful and overwhelming (TLC filming and weekend appointment).

Stella is such a joy to work with at Kleinfeld. I wish I could take her with me to Cabo San Lucas so she could put me into my dress at my wedding! She’s the sweetest. I can’t believe she’s been working at Kleinfeld for 31 years!

My dress fit perfectly, except for some minor alternations that need to be taken in more around my chest (boobs). It was fun to walk in my dress up and down the hallway. I was in full practice mode for my big day! Towards the end of my appointment, I started to get a little anxious/anxiety….I think the nerves of my wedding are starting to sink in finally!

Before leaving, Stella showed my Sister & Cousin how to properly bustle my dress. Wow, complex! It takes about 10 minutes….No drinking until my dress is bustled properly in Cabo (haha). My next appointment is in late April, a week before leaving for Cabo. OMG, time is flying…..I can’t even believe how quickly our wedding date is approaching.

Image 5After my 2nd fitting, Danielle had her first bridal appointment at 2pm. My Sister & Mom went to lunch while Danielle’s mom, son and our cousin Alison joined us for her appointment. Danielle has her eye on this one particular Spring 2013 dress that was not at Kleinfeld yesterday. It’s apart of a new collection that is currently on its “Trunk Show.” Danielle tried on only a few dresses before scheduling a new bridal appointment next month. Kleinfeld is bringing in the dress just for Danielle to try on!

I told Danielle to consider this first appointment as a “teaser” since it was a little quick and disappointing. However, she did try on a gorgeous gown that could still possibly be a winner!! Can’t say more!

Thank you Kleinfeld for the great day! See you next month, possibly 2X!

First Fitting at Kleinfeld

Over the last few weeks, it has hit me that I am actually getting married in LESS than 3 months…and I know the time between now and then is going to fly by! My big day is almost here. A day I have dreamed about as a little girl. A wedding I have envisioned far longer than actually knowing my soon-to-be husband. Yes, girls are weird. I mean what guy has ever thought or dreamed about his wedding growing up?

First Fitting Appointment with my Bridesmaids

I will always love everything bridal and wedding related. The big bridal festivities & moments are the best! I loved receiving the phone call that my dress was in! I immediately paid the balance for my dress & scheduled my next appointment….My first fitting!

Enroute to Kleinfeld with my dress!

I was so anxious for my first fitting…I just wanted to see & try on my dress! I obsessively checked my iPhone countdown app to watch the time go down….getting closer to my actual appointment!

My original first fitting appointment was scheduled for mid-March but I rescheduled it a month early to be at Kleinfeld while Lazaro’s trunk show was in town. I just love all his dresses! I had bought my dress almost exactly a year ago to the date at Lazaro’s trunk show last February. There was no way I was waiting another month to try on my gown. Plus, I wanted the opportunity to meet Lazaro again! Yes, smart bride here 🙂


A week before my first fitting I got a call from TLC that they wanted to film my appointment for TLC’s show, “Say Yes To The Dress.” I was so shocked TLC called me, and I was beyond giddy about the opportunity to be on one of my favorite reality TV shows. I told all my bridesmaids to get ready, we are filming!! I believe TLC is planning a future episode featuring the designer, Lazaro.

Lazaro and I

My first fitting took place last weekend. Since I live in Philadelphia, I decided to have a slumber party at my cousin’s place in Hoboken, NJ. I wanted to be closer to NYC so there was more time to sleep and get ready in the morning. We had to be at Kleinfeld at 10:30am to check-in with the film crew, and I also wanted to check out Kleinfeld’s accessories. I still don’t know what jewelry I want to wear on my wedding day!!

Say Yes To The Dress Filming at Kleinfeld

I was a big bowl of nerves walking into Kleinfeld and the feeling lasted until we left! My appointment felt like a dream. This wasn’t really happening in real life. I was in complete shock about everything going on that morning at Kleinfeld.

Once we checked in, I was greeted by TLC’s film crew to get a mic on. The TLC film crew were all so sweet & a lot of fun! But that didn’t matter because throughout the taping and interviews, I was so nervous! I honestly could not even form proper sentences. I blame my long week of endless hours being at the hospital with my mom, work demands & getting ready for my NYC Bachelorette weekend. I think my body was exhausted, but I just kept going.

The whole taping experience was pretty cool. A first for me! My plan was to force myself to be comfortable with public speaking but I must admit, I think I failed! I am the absolute worst at speaking and answering questions on demand. But regardless, the entire morning was a lot of fun!

When we finally started & began taping, my Kleinfeld Fitter, Stella, welcomed our group in the waiting area and walked us back to my dressing room. I could NOT wait to see my dress for the first time in a year! It was a special moment. My dress was on display, hanging up on a hangar in my dressing room! Ugh, i just wanted to grab it and put it on right away.

Since I can’t go into details (future hubby reads my blog), I will just say that my dress looked exactly how I remembered…it was everything & more! After admiring the dress on the hanger, Stella shut the curtains so I could get into my dress. My bridesmaids sat on the bench outside the curtain eagerly waiting for the big reveal. It took about ten minutes until I got to show off my dress since Stella had to pin all my alternation needs….the dress was loose on my body.

My mom was “present” at the appointment thru iPhone’s FaceTime app. She was back in Philadelphia at University of Pennsylvania recovering from her surgery. Thank you technology for allowing her to be apart of my 1st fitting!

Towards the end of my appointment, Vera (Alternations Manager) and the designer Lazaro stopped by to see me in my dress! Luckiest bride ever….Lazaro was present when I bought my dress & to oversee my 1st fitting. He made sure that I got the proper fitting so the dress would look perfect, the way he created it! I could also see that both Stella & Vera really enjoy assisting the brides with their dresses. It was very memorable having everyone around me at my 1st fitting!

The appointment finally came to an end….with lots of alternation needs. I can’t wait to try on my dress again with all the proper adjustments. I want my dress to fit perfectly!!

Thank you Kleinfeld, Lazaro & my bridesmaids for being a part of my 1st Fitting!